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  • 3D Camera Systems

    3DCC offers a wide range of specialized and unique stereoscopic systems that integrate with large format systems: 3D Digital-Cinema (DCI compliant) and IMAX formats are supported.

    Available rentals include the Element Technica Beamsplitter/Mirror Rig, the P+S Technik Universal Mirror Rig, the Stereo Tango: Carbon Fiber Beam Splitter and the compact versatile SI-3D HawkEye Parallel Rig.

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The 3D Camera Company develops and rents specialized stereoscopic (3D) image capture equipment for the motion picture entertainment industry.

Our first system is a device to complement large format and feature dramatic narrative films as a 3D action camera. It is smaller and lighter than any other comparable 3D system and has the highest quality optics available in the world.

The next and revolutionary generation of camera is a high resolution digital stereoscopic system for highest quality efficient production, economical use and streamlined post-production workflow.


    Storm City 3D

    * In production*

    3D Series directed and p...

  • tom3dcc

    Des Roar 3D

    Toronto, February 2012

    3D music video pro...

  • nurse3d

    Nurse 3D

    Toronto, September - October 2011
    Lionsgate <...

  • 267383-haunted

    Haunted 3D

    India, 2011 India's first 3D horror film directed by

  • Roberto Carlos 3D

    3D Camera Company onset at Roberto Carlos 3D concert shoot w...

  • Transformers

    Transformers 3

    3D Camera Company stereoscopic camera systems soar thr...

  • cobu1

    Cobu 3D


    3D Musical Feature starring Korean p...

  • Abu Dhabi 12 19 10 005

    Desert Superstars 3D

    3D Camera Company filming "Desert Superstars 3D" in Abu Dha...


    Kylie Minogue 3D

    Kylie Minogue, Live at Air Canada Centre, Toronto November ...

  • OPS1

    South Pacific Whales 3D

    Shooting Whales in the South Pacific with the Ocean Preserva...

  • A235_C008_3bc2_left

    SAW 3D

    3DCC onset in Toronto, SAW 3D January - April, 2010 3D c...

  • 159

    Carnivale 2010

    Carnivale 2010 Rio, February 2010 3D camera equipment an...

  • DSC_0088

    IATSE 3DCC Workshop

    IATSE 3DCC Workshop Toronto, January 2010 3D camera equi...

  • NFB-144

    Crossing the Line

    National Film Board Test Shoot with 3DCC (July 2009) in Mon...

  • DSC_9859

    The Age of Steam

    Stephen Low Company The Train Museum in Montreal Quebec. T...

  • FLIGHT-02

    Human Flight 3D

    Europe, 2008-2009 Visit the website: 

    Carnivale 2009

    Rio, February 2009 3D camera equipment and stereoscopic c...

  • 155

    Rescue 3D

    Stephen Low Productions / Airlift Productions (December 2008...

  • 26

    Rush 3D

    Photos from the Rush: Live at Molson Ampitheatre shoot, July...

  • DSC_0013

    Toronto Film Studios

    Photos from the Test Shoot at Toronto Film Studios, June 200...

  • dinos alive crew pix

    Dinosaurs Alive

    Photos from the set of Dinosaurs Alive. Visit the website...

  • gf_GradeEdit_v02_R_lg12

    Grundfos 3D

    Photos from the set of the Grundfos Commercial Shoot, Copenh...

  • gallery10

    A Magic Tale

    Photos from the set of The Magic Tale. Visit the website:...

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